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Client Testimonial

"Having found the property  I felt responsible for everyone else's experience, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful space."

Carol, London 2007.


Professional villa bookings agents for British owners of overseas Villas.

Ritchie Property Rentals has been arranging Villa booking services since 1999 and as overseas villa booking agents provide booking services for villa owners. We have in depth experience and expertise of:

  • how to design your Villa website.
  • how to set up a website for your Villa on the internet.
  • how best to advertise your Villa on the internet.
  • how to draft booking contracts.
  • how to obtain holiday bookings for your Villa.

We will design your Villa website, advertise your Villa on the worldwide web, draft your booking contract, take the bookings and pass the clients on to you.

You take all of the rental income. We charge only 15% commission.

What you want:


You have done the hard part - you have bought a Villa overseas.


You love the place as your holiday home, but it costs quite a lot for the upkeep and it would be nice to receive some income from it when you are not there. But:

  • Finding renters is difficult.
  • Giving your Villa to a holiday rental company means they take your money. They may go bust.
  • Setting up your own Villa website is difficult.
  • Drafting booking contacts takes legal knowledge.
  • Advertising your Villa on the right website takes specialist knowledge.
  • Administering bookings is time consuming.
  • You are busy working, living, running your business or bringing up a family.

How we can help:

  • We offer professional booking services for villa owners
  • We are a one stop service.

  • We provide everything you need to rent out your Villa successfully.

  • We will arrange all of the things you need.

  • We know how to build your web site for your Villa.

  • We know the best websites on which to advertise your Villa to customers, and how to enter your Villa on those sites.

  • We have a proven track record as overseas villa booking agents.

We make the all of arrangements on your behalf. You simply provide us with the photos and the relevant information about your Villa and we do the rest.... holiday bookings made easy.

Which Countries

We arrange holiday lets and bookings for owners of Villas in The South of France and Greece.

Which Villas?

As overseas villa booking agents we handle bookings for holiday Villas with pools, Villas without pools, holiday flats and farmhouses. We do not handle anything other than holiday rentals.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept your Villa if it does not match our standards or if clients make substantial and reasonable complaints which you do not deal with appropriately.

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